Galant VR4 #423/1000

This is the shop's current "experiment platform" for Haltech ECU....we are putting the car together mechanically, then using it as the subject for a series of videos highlighting Haltech Elite installation and setup for a basic street car.

  • 2.0 6bolt 4G63 w/ Ross pistons, OEM rods, Aftermarket mild cams, BSE, metal HG, ARP headstuds.  basic engine.
  • 16g 7cm turbo, FP exhaust manifold, ported 1G o2 housing, 3" exhaust
  • ETS FMIC kit, tial bov, stock TB, Stock intake manifold.
  • Walbro intank pump, FIC 1450 injectors, OEM FPR & lines.
  • ACT flywheel, ACT 2600 clutch, OEM trans/center diff, 4bolt rear end set, OEM xcase/axles.


  • Haltech Elite 1500 ECU
  • Performance Partout terminated engine harness.
  • TC4 Can-Bus 4X EGT.
  • WBC1 Can-Bus Wideband.
  • Dual trim knobs for boost control and launch rpm adjustment "on the fly".
  • MAP, Fuel pressure, Oil pressure, Exhaust Presssure sensors.
  • Haltech Electronic Boost Control solenoid & Flex Fuel sensor.