Haltech ECU

  •  Nexus R5 Hatlech ECU

    Nexus R5 Hatlech ECU

    • A data logger• A power distribution module• A dual channel universal wideband controller• A high speed wi-fi communications module• A new generation engine management system All natively interconnected with each other.All...

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  • 1500 Elite Haltech ECU

    1500 Elite Haltech ECU

    Elite 1500 ECU   Part Number: HT-150900   OUTPUTS: Up to 4 injector and 4 ignition. SUITS: Popular late-model performance and racing applications. Recommended for 4 cylinder, DBW or 2 rotor engines, EFI conversions, engines with...

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  • 2500 Elite Haltech ECU

    2500 Elite Haltech ECU

    Elite 2500 ECU   Part Number: HT-151300   OUTPUTS: Up to 8 injector and 8 ignition. SUITS: Universal 1-12 cylinder or 2-4 rotor applications. INCLUDES: Elite 2500 ECU with DBW and Race Functions, USB programming cable and USB Software...

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  • 2500T Elite Haltech ECU

    2500T Elite Haltech ECU

    Elite 2500 T ECU Part Number: HT-151310   Wiring Diagram   QuickStart Guide   Spec Sheet   OUTPUTS: Up to 8 injector and 8 ignition. SUITS: Recommended for 4, 6, 8 cylinder, Drive-By-Wire (DBW) or 2, 3, 4...

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  • Elite 1500 with 4G63 Terminated Harness

    Suits fuel injector sub-harness via breakout: Bosch EV1 (stock) or Nippondenso (FIC High-Z type)….one sub-harness included.    (primary and secondary breakout is the same!) Suits variety of Trigger combinations via plug in Breakout...

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