Spring 2021:  PRTOUT is for sale as a complete turnkey racecar, capable of high 8's @ 150+.  Price is set at $35,500 - effectively at the partout value if we were to break it down into pieces.  Obviously I would rather see someone continue to run this car and improve it, and will offer a few days of "transition assistance" to the new owner/driver/tuner...time at the dragstrip, time on lift, time w/ laptop...whatever is needed.    I plan to keep running the car until sold or the Hail Mary Derby in May (still hope to get an 8sec timeslip before it's time to let it go), but if it gets to June; Ill do what I do best and it'll turn into a huge inventory pile.


Modification List:

ECUHaltech Nexus R5, Performance-ECU harness, IC-7 Dash, EGT X8, NTK wideband, IGN1A coils, 15-button can-bus switch panel. 4 dash trim knobs

Engine Bottom:  GRP Aluminum rod, Wiseco 1400hd piston, 2.0L 6B wet-block.  ARP L1 head & ARP-2000 main studs.

Engine Top:  1G ported head, Kiggly Race-Only springs & HLA, Supertech +1mm Valves, bronze guides, proper setup

Fuel:  JMF fuel cell, Magnafuel 625 pump, FIC 2150 injectors, FIC rail, Fuelab AFPR, -8/-10 PTFE lines/filters, elec primer pump

Turbo: Forced Performance DSM-Zero 62mm ball bearing - 10cm Bolt-On FP turbine housing - 78lb/min @~40psi

Exhaust:  Morrison Fabrications:  Tube header w/ 4x EGT, Custom O2 housing w/ 3.5" side exit, Tial MVR wastegate

Intake:  JMF billet intake manifold w/ secondary injection, S90 throttle body, FMIC: 18x12x6" core, 3" upper w/ Tial bov, 2.5" lower

Nitrous:  Nitrous Express Single dry jet, purge, heater, gauge, blowdown, pressure sensor to ecu

Transmission: Billet front clutch, Liberty Billet transfer gears, Bush/PI #6 converter, Kiggly flex plate, welded center diff, fluid route mods

Driveline:  Bush 300m Xcase w/ brace, DSS 3.5" alum driveshaft, DSS front & rear axles, Rota slipstream 15x7 wheels, Hoosier QTP DOT tires

Chassis Misc: Boosted Fabrication: front crossmember, all engine/trans mounts, turnbuckle style adjustable rear mount, K-Sport coilovers, XS power 16V battery/charger, Line-Lock launch control, JMF catch cans, Engine bay catch pan

Engine Misc: GSC S2 billet cams, Fidanze adjustable gears, billet mech fuel pump mount/drive,  -10 crankcase vents, Electric water pump, Aluminum rad & fan

Safety: 2021 NHRA chassis certification to 8.50 ET:  Chromoly 10pt rollcage, window net, Racequip harness, Jegs seats, Stroud chute, batt cutoff, driveshaft loop


LINK TO PART VALUE SPREADSHEET    (work in progress)