PRTOUT Racecar


Modification List:

ECUHaltech Nexus R5, Performance-ECU harness, IC-7 Dash, EGT X8, NTK wideband, IGN1A coils, 15-button can-bus switch panel. 4 dash trim knobs

Engine Bottom:  GRP Aluminum rod, Wiseco 1400hd piston, 2.0L 6B wet-block.  ARP L1 head & ARP-2000 main studs.

Engine Top:  1G ported head, Kiggly Race-Only springs & HLA, Supertech +1mm Valves, bronze guides, proper setup

Fuel:  JMF fuel cell, Magnafuel 625 pump, FIC 2150 injectors, FIC rail, Fuelab AFPR, -8/-10 PTFE lines/filters, elec primer pump

Turbo: Forced Performance DSM-Zero 62mm ball bearing - 10cm Bolt-On FP turbine housing - 78lb/min @~40psi

Exhaust:  Morrison Fabrications:  Tube header w/ 4x EGT, Custom O2 housing w/ 3.5" side exit, Tial MVR wastegate

Intake:  JMF billet intake manifold w/ secondary injection, S90 throttle body, FMIC: 18x12x6" core, 3" upper w/ Tial bov, 2.5" lower

Nitrous:  Nitrous Express Single dry jet, purge, heater, gauge, blowdown, pressure sensor to ecu

Transmission: Billet front clutch, Liberty Billet transfer gears, Bush/PI #6 converter, Kiggly flex plate, welded center diff, fluid route mods

Driveline:  Bush 300m Xcase w/ brace, DSS 3.5" alum driveshaft, DSS front & rear axles, Rota slipstream 15x7 wheels, Hoosier QTP DOT tires

Chassis Misc: Boosted Fabrication: front crossmember, all engine/trans mounts, turnbuckle style adjustable rear mount, K-Sport coilovers, XS power 16V battery/charger, Line-Lock launch control, JMF catch cans, Engine bay catch pan

Engine Misc: GSC S2 billet cams, Fidanze adjustable gears, billet mech fuel pump mount/drive,  -10 crankcase vents, Electric water pump, Aluminum rad & fan

Safety: 2021 NHRA chassis certification to 8.50 ET:  Chromoly 10pt rollcage, window net, Racequip harness, Jegs seats, Stroud chute, batt cutoff, driveshaft loop