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Getting into Subaru


We picked up a 180k mile 2002 Subaru WRX (smoking!) for partout.  The long term outlook is to move into the Subaru market and focus on building up our inventory & getting a foothold into the Subaru market.

DSM Shootout 2016

We are back in the shop, returned from the 2016 DSM shootout in Norwalk, Ohio.  The shop GVR4 was the #1 qualifier in the 11.50 Index class, and made a best pass of 11.48 over the weekend, a fairly solid hit for a pumpgas-streetcar.

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90 GSX Eclipse Race-Car partout

Picked up a 1990 Eclipse GSX 5sp that is a early 2000's time capsule, has been in storage for about 10 years!

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93 Talon AWD - Black - Manual trans

Picked up a 93 Talon AWD manual trans for partout.   Has a basically brand new Shep Stg 2 rebuilt tranny, a few misc modifications, a good 130k mile 7bolt 1G engine, as well as all the normal 1G AWD inventory.   4bolt rear, transferase, ecu, wiring harnesses.

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Two 2G 1997 Auto AWD on the way in for partout

Looks like Iv secured two more parts cars:  both 97 2G AWD Auto eclipse...red and grey.   Will be tearing them down over the next week, so look for the 2G catagories to be finally filled in with inventory.   One car is mildly modded, the grey one seems relatively stock.

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Galant VR4 125/2000 - repair for sale

We have a black 1991 Galant VR4 on hand that will be repaired and tuned up for sale as a complete turnkey car.137k on do, recent paint job, no rust at all!Mods will likely be a 16g, fmic, exhaust, suspension, 17" wheels level of "quick streetcar" at time of sale.Plan to get on it this [...]

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On the lookout for Parts Cars!

Looking for quality parts cars, ideally modified cars with major issues/damage.  I'll buy rusty cars, crashed cars, blown up cars, unfinished projects.     Right now we are looking for turbo mitsubishi specific - 1G/2G GST GSX, Galant VR4, 3000GT VR4, Lancer Evo 8-9 and of course the chrysler varients (Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser, Dodge [...]

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